FLOW Essentials

One of the things that sets Maybach Media apart from our competitors, is that we actually put our money where our mouth is. We don’t just run ads for our client’s E-Commerce stores. We actually run and scale our own stores as well. This allows us to constantly test new Ad Strategies on ourselves, take what works best, and implement it for our clients.

We were able to successfully start and scale our own brand from Zero to $120,000 in revenue within 45 days of launch, without any previous data.

Here’s how we grew Flow Essentials to a
$1,000,000+ run rate in just 45 days

We realised that there was potential for a health and wellness brand to perform very well, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our initial strategy was to test different marketing angles, creatives, and audiences until we found the ideal messaging that would convert well with Facebook ads. We would then retarget these people using google ads and email marketing.

Top Of Funnel (TOF)
We spend about 70% of our Ad Spend, Time, and Attention on the Top Of Funnel (TOF) using facebook ads to acquire customers very profitably.

We tested ten different ad sets using three different creatives and five different ad copies. By testing all of these various combinations using a Dynamic Campaign we were able to find a few winning ads that we could confidently scale. We let these winning Ads run for about a week in order to collect more data.

We then scaled using our various strategies primarily utilising CBO campaigns. We set up a few campaigns that each were set to $200/day.

Middle Of Funnel (MOF)
Once we scaled up the Ad spend using Facebook Ads we decided it was time to retarget these people. We used various different methods to retarget, but the main ones were Google Display Ads and Google Search Ads. We were able to utilize an Omni-Channel Marketing approach in order to accomplish all of this. We also bundled together and upsold products in order to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of each customer. 

We also used retargeting on facebook. We set up a retargeting campaign for warm audiences that had viewed a certain % of our ads. We also made sure to use Ad Copy that resonated with people in the MOF’s customer journey. 

Bottom of Funnel
Finally, we used email marketing and text messaging to make sure that we captured anyone who abandoned their cart. We also used Facebook Ads to retarget the people with the highest likelihood of converting. I like to separate the funnel bottom of funnel by segmenting by 7,14,21, and 30 days and make the content relevant for each part of the funnel. (testimonials, ad copy, discounts, etc) 

We also used individualised Ad Copy to take advantage of having such a hot audience. We gave them a very good offer and they converted to sales. We call this process a retargeting funnel, as we give an individualised advertising message to someone at each point in their customer journey.

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